Puppy Development 

Allow Stillwater Retrievers to raise your puppy and be a graduate of our Puppy Development Program.  Our program is based on the philosophy that socialization is the key to success.  In order to achieve this we only take on one puppy at a time that is raised in the house to allow the most interaction achievable.  By doing this it allows your puppy to receive tailored development and socialization that will be the key to their future success.    

We will take your puppy at 7weeks and be dedicated to their development until they are ready to move on to the next stage in their career between 5 and 7 months.  In the program we will lay its retrieving foundation by developing the pups desire to retrieve.  We also believe that confidence in retrieving is another key to success.  Therefore your puppy will get plenty of challenging marks set up in a manner to allow your pup to succeed the majority of the time and always leaving them with the desire for more.        

Your pup will be taught obedience including two sided heeling which we feel can be very helpful in your pup’s future field career. All other sights, sounds, and basic yard work will be taught to your puppy.  This training will be able to be administered at the correct time in your puppy’s life.  By only allowing one puppy at a time in our program we can focus on their individual needs and learning ability.  Since each puppy is different, your puppy will benefit tremendously from this one on one training and socialization that will help achieve your pup’s full potential.  If you are interested in our Puppy Development Program please contact us for availability and any further information including references.