Boomer’s Lean Gunstock SH


Boomer is a perfect example of a "High Roller", whether it is on marks or blinds everything in the field is done at full speed.  Boomer is an 85 pound, large framed dog that is full of lean muscle.  With a larger than average size he moves like a smaller dog with his quickness and speed.  Boomer has been blessed with great desire and motivation in the field but has the ability to come inside the house and behave like an everyday house dog. 

Boomer has a Qualifying 4th and Qualifying JAM in limited trials both in 50 plus dog events. Boomer also has his Senior Title and has 3 Master passes. He is also a great waterfowl and upland dog, he qualified for the 2006 Pheasant Hunters Unlimited (PHU) National event during his first time ever to ever run in a PHU event. Boomer is also registered with the UKC and will be running test for his HRCH once he obtains id Master title. 

Boomer is OFA Excellent and has all other additional clearances.  With a strong pedigree he would be a great contribution to any breeding especially if you need to add desire, size, and/or color.  Please contact me for stud fee information, discounts given to titled dogs. 

Boomer's Pedigree

| Boomer OFA# LR-153418E  Cerf # LR-43048 |